Lore pick up all-Ukrainian squad for ESEA Advanced

Not something you see everyday in NA.

Lore have picked up a new squad for ESEA Advanced Season 49 following the dissolution of their previous squad after ESEA Advanced Season 48 playoffs. This new lineup comes with the unique piece of trivia that the roster entirely consists of Ukrainian players based in North America, with all five players being Ukrainian citizens. While Russian, Ukrainian, and Kazakh players are common sights in the NA scene, this new lineup is the first to ever compete in NA ESEA Advanced, which is solely constituted of foreign players from Eastern Europe.

llya "supa" Filanchuk and Nazar "H0NeST" Stefinko are familiar faces on this new roster, having played for Lore last season. Additionally, supa should be familiar to anyone who closely follows ESEA Advanced, as he has made playoffs on multiple occasions.

Another key name on this roster is Volodymyr "Bezymeccc" Slobodian, who recently qualified to the FACEIT Pro League via the FPL Proving Grounds. While the 19-year-old Ukrainian appears to be a pug star, Lore will actually be his first proper team, and expectations are high for the rookie AWPer.

The final two pieces of the roster, Anton "Mak" Karpunin and Eduard "nico1ajus" Kuchynskyi, are lesser-known players, with Mak playing in NA since 2019 while nico1ajus has been playing in lower divisions since 2022.

Lore are now:

  • Illya "supa" Filanchuk

  • Nazar "H0NeST" Stefinko

  • Volodymyr "Bezymeccc" Slobodian

  • Anton "Mak" Karpunin

  • Eduard "nico1ajus" Kuchynskyi

Lore's first match in ESEA Advanced Season 49 will be tonight against straykids at 09:00PM

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April 8, 2024 06:21PM
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