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Combination filter specifically designed for american interests. Includes matches with at least one Top30 team, HLTV recommended matches, matches with at least one North American player, and matches from tournaments with at least one North American team.

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CS:GO Matches in 2023

This page features the complete overview of all CS:GO matches taking place today. Games from all tournaments and leagues, both large and small, have been included on this page. If you are searching for a CS:GO match to watch and enjoy, you've come to the right place.

Click on a match to visit its dedicated page. There, you will find links to streams so you can watch the CS:GO esports action unfold. Furthermore, you can see details such as team lineups, stats, recent results, current win streak, player stats and more.

Overview of all CS:GO matches

Anyone with interest in competitive Counter-Strike should find this page extremely useful. This page covers all of today's CS:GO matches, giving users a complete, detailed overview. Our overview of CS:GO matches are updated around the clock, so visit each day to find new information.

Even while the top teams in the world aren't competing, there is plenty of CS:GO esports action to enjoy at the lower levels. It is almost always a guarantee that there will be at least one (or more) you will want to follow. The CS:GO esports calendar is, of course, filled to the brim with leagues and tournaments throughout the year.

CS:GO matches today - Times, Maps and Lineups

This page features the exact start times of each of the CS:GO matches played today. Clicking on a match takes you to all the vital information. You can see which tournament or league teams are participating in, and when the map veto is over, you can see which maps are being played.

Furthermore, users can see the lineup of both teams in CS:GO matches taking place today. This includes the possibility of a team, or both teams, playing with a stand-in or their most potent lineup.

We encourage users to bookmark this page to always stay updated with the latest Counter-Strike matches. We feature matches from tournaments and leagues (online and LAN) from all parts of the world.

Biggest tournaments in Counter-Strike

Those who love world-class Counter-Strike esports action should look no further than this page. We provide you with all the upcoming matches featuring the best teams in the world. Watching all the biggest and most prestigious CS:GO tournaments globally and keeping track of the schedule is easier than ever before.

This page boasts a plethora of CS:GO matches from the biggest tournaments in the world. From BLAST Premier to ESL Pro League, Intel Extreme Masters (IEM), Flashpoint, PGL, DreamHack, all Majors, the CS:GO esports world is your oyster. Keep your eyes on this page if you want to stay updated with your favourite teams from all regions. In case you missed a match, check out our dedicated results page.

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Each match page for all the CS:GO matches here also feature a comment section. Feel free to comment on the match, sharing your views and insights with like-minded individuals.

Keep in mind that forum rules do apply, so remain respectful towards other fans and players.