FACEIT hands out two-year bans for sv_cheats exploit

Don't attempt unless you'd like to sit on the sidelines for a few years.

There is a new Counter-Strike 2 exploit out there, one that allows players to use any sv_cheats on any official server. The attached video clearly shows how the player can manipulate what they see on the server, including looking through walls to see enemy positions.

In response to the new exploit, a FACEIT Community Manager announced that the FACEIT anti-cheat team had already identified users who played on FACEIT with the new exploit. As is customary for all cheating bans, those who abused the exploit have been banned for two years.

Some noticed that Eternal Fire Academy players Ahmet "cyber" Akpınar and Bilgihan "Depact" Ayaz received bans on FACEIT this morning for cheating. While some suspected that it was related to the recent exploit, Eternal Fire later confirmed this was true in a statement. Additionally, the organization announced that the two players had their contracts terminated.

FACEIT does not comment on the nature of specific bans and it is unknown exactly how many players in the last twenty-four hours have been punished by the platform for utilizing the exploit.

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April 8, 2024 04:21PM
And they still don’t ban actual cheaters using third party software lol
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