FaNg's individual performance was crucial in helping his team move past Evil Geniuses

FaNg on Liquid loss: "I don't ever wanna be embarrassed like that again"

The young Canadian says the squad just needs to overcome minor errors to make their games smoother.

Shortly after Complexity's 2-1 victory over domestic rivals Evil Geniuses, James Banks pulled Justin "FaNg" Coakley aside at the BLAST Premier Spring Groups to discuss how the event has gone so far for Complexity, and how FaNg feels about the squad's upcoming match against Ukrainian powerhouse Natus Vincere.

How important is the confidence coming out for you guys?

I think it's really important, just says where our team is at, and we actually wanna see that progression because we've been stagnant for a while. Coming into the game in the past few days, ever since our Liquid game, we've been putting in a lot of work, like twelve-hour days. Seeing it pay off, and especially myself having more impact on the server and calling in the mid-rounds and stuff like that is nice to see.

After Anubis, you guys went to Inferno, where EG took both pistols and won a number of clutches. Did it feel like you guys almost could have had that game?

Yeah, 100%. I mean, they played really well, but calling and coordinating our CT-side we played a lot of rounds set, with little minor details that we messed up that put us in a bad spot; losing rounds like that can make it hard to close out the game. But the rounds were always close, and it felt like we were in control of the game.

Obviously, EG have played a lot of Overpass in this event, against Vitality and Heroic. Was there a lot that you guys were able to take away from those games to make this one so comfortable?

I mean we watched their games obviously, and we had some takeaways from it, and tendencies from also knowing the players as well, but just in general I think we focused on ourselves and those minor details and calling and making sure we're all together and on the same page for micro stuff like rotations. Lots of details coming into it that people don't see.

I want to see you guys harness what you've done here and take it into your game against NAVI next.

NAVI is obviously NAVI, it's gonna be a big game, but I think we're on an uphill trajectory right now. We're just gonna keep riding it, putting in the work constantly, and showing that we're here to play, and I don't ever wanna be embarrassed like that again by Liquid. Still putting in the work and continuing to get wins.

With NAVI's addition of npl, there are some holes in this team. Do you think they're more beatable now?

Obviously, they're not prime NAVI, that's for sure. They're still a really good team, but they're definitely not on the level they were on before. Maybe that makes it easier for us, but they're still NAVI, so I'm just gonna play my game and see where it goes.

Are we going to get the same confident FaNg?

Of course, of course. When I put in the work, that's all I need to do at that point; everything will come.

FaNg and the rest of Complexity will now need to prepare for their daunting match against Natus Vincere, which is set to begin tomorrow at 12:30PM, with a win securing Complexity a place in the BLAST Spring Finals in Washington D.C.

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