hallzerk has struggled to find form at Complexitys first event in 2023

hallzerk on his poor form: "It's been more like decision making, than me missing shots"

The Norwegian AWPer spoke about his recent dip in form, ahead of the NA derby at BLAST Spring Groups.

Complexity suffered losses against FaZe and Liquid to kick off their BLAST Spring campaign, and were faced with another North American match-up against EG to try and keep themselves from dropping into the Spring Showdown tournament.

Håkon "hallzerk" Fjærli was meant to be the firepower Complexity needed to reach the next level, however, after initially impressing he has struggled to find impact and is Complexity's lowest-rated player at the BLAST event so far with a 0.88 rating. James Banks spoke to the AWPer before the elimination match against EG, touching on the sniper's dip in form and the team's expectations.

So hallzerk when you came into the team, we were looking at you being the AWP that Complexity needed. At the beginning, it certainly was a good start for you guys in terms of an individual level. This event we have seen you gone missing, why do you think that is and whats the discussion been around it?

I'm trying to find that out myself, I'm in a bit of a slump right now. I'm trying to work myself out of it, I'm playing hard and I just have to grind. Look at my own mistakes in the demos that we have been playing now, just trying to figure out what is going on. I've been, of course, missing a bit too many shots, I think it's been more like decision making than me missing shots. If I just keep improving that and getting that in check then I think it should come good.

Do you think you have enough space to be the AWPer that you were previously? Do you feel like now as you get more into a team, as more tactics come into the team, do you think that's something that suits you, is that something you can work with?

I can do whatever a team wants me to do. Like, if they want me to do whatever the eff I want then I can do that, If they want me to have more tactics and everything I can. I'm a very versatile AWPer I would say, I can do most things so I just do what the game plan is and what my coach and IGL want me to do.

We have Inferno and Anubis coming up, Inferno can be hard T side for AWPers, but on Anubis can you tell me how you feel it can suit AWPers and how it can be utilized?

I think you can get a lot of entries, or you can be a support player. Clutches on Anubis as an AWPer I like that as well, I really like clutching on that map because you can get one pick and fall off easily. So yeah I really enjoy clutching on Anubis and getting entries on bridge and over towards B and stuff there are some good ways to get picks there.

After beating EG in the North American derby 2-1, Complexity now have the unenvious task of having to beat NAVI tomorrow to qualify for the Spring Final. They will be hoping that Michael "Grim" Wince can keep up his star performances, whilst hallzerk once again struggled and will need to significantly improve for the NA team to trump the CIS squad.

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