Despite a great start to the tournament, EG flunked out in last place

neaLaN on loss to Complexity: "We misunderstood each other, we had miscommunications"

EG's only path to Spring Finals in DC rests in the Showdown.

After a brutal loss to Complexity, Evil Geniuses are officially out of BLAST Spring Groups 2023. With BLAST Spring Finals having been just announced to take place in Washington D.C., it's a harsh sting for the American team and organization. Despite beginning the tournament with an incredible victory over Heroic, the rest of Spring Groups was downhill for the Evil Geniuses. James Banks had a word with EG's IGL Sanzhar "neaLaN" Iskhakov after the game to get into the leader's thoughts and see where the team's head was at.

We've been pleasantly surprised by what EG have shown so far, at this point, is it harsher to lose out to a team like Complexity when you have put up better results against other teams?

I don't know actually. I still don't really understand why we lost, I just need to review and see what happened.

The Anubis map, it was one where we saw you guys get dominated again, and the worrying sign for me is that maps that you guys do lose, it's not very competitive. On the map you won, Inferno, you guys won the pistols, the clutches, those could have gone their way as well. What are those small details you're seeing when you're reviewing the games that's missing for EG? It feels like you're so close to being able to compete again.

I feel like if you get a bad start, it's really hard to get back into the game. Like I said, we need to review and see what's happening.

In terms of Overpass, when we look at this, you have the 16-14 win over Heroic, the Vitality game was 16-11, not too bad at all, but then 16-2 in the rematch with Heroic and the first half here today started so bad as well. I thought you guys would play with more confidence against Complexity, Vorborg was telling me he wanted you to find what you had on Inferno and come into this map with the right mentality. We know HexT is loud as well, how did it feel in-game when you got there and started to go down in rounds?

On Inferno, I felt that we were confident and we were doing our thing, which works for us. But on Overpass, it just felt like something was going wrong for us. We were misunderstanding each other, we had miscommunications, some micro mistakes. Like I said earlier, we just need to review.

Evil Geniuses don't have much time to patch things up before their next outing, the IEM Katowice Play-In, which is scheduled to begin in just a matter of days on February 1st, where neaLaN and company will kick off their Katowice run with a tough opening match against fnatic.

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