MIGHT danss: "stamina was interested in me without any tryouts"

From Mongolia to Chicago.

He's one of the few foreign imported talents coming to the United States in pursuit of his Counter-Strike goals. 22-year-old Dans "danss" Sils is currently attending Lindenwood University, a private college in Missouri, as a player for their Counter-Strike team on a full-ride scholarship. The players has been part of the CS2 squad while also playing on teams like kariESPORTS and MIGHT, while also learning more about the North American scene.

He is a player that everyone is talking about due to his international experience and emergence in North America as an unknown quantity. Now, he's at Fragicago, where Jeffrey "Mnmzzz" Moore got the chance to speak with him about that international experience, what he is learning and bringing to MIGHT, and what his LAN experience is like in the country.

Please note that the full interview can be found below on YouTube, while the transcript has some key snippets from their conversation.

Why did you end up deciding to come to America?

I just had a really good offer from a university. I was planning - if I wasn't going to get any offers Europe, I'm going to go study, and my time in CS will be limited. I decided that I'm going to put both of the things together and play my CS while I'm studying here.

How did you end up joining MIGHT?

stamina instantly, whenever he saw that kariESPORTS might be in trouble, messaged me that he was interested in me. I didn't even go into any tryouts. As far as I know, he asked the kariESPORTS coach about me and he was impressed. He liked the way I play and he thought that I would be the best fit for them. I just hopped on in the server, we talked about how I see the game, and how they see the game, and they liked my opinion.

Beyond playing in just Europe, you've also spent a number of months in Mongolia. What was it like playing in Mongolia?

Before we went to Mongolia, I didn't even know the guys that we going to play with. I knew only hasteka because he was known in in the Mongolian scene. We had really good team, with an upcoming AWPer who's now playing for TheMongolz, 910. My man ayriks, he has a friend with the with a coach of D13, world. They needed two guys from the Baltics, so he offered me and frip to go to Asia to play in the RMR Qualifiers. That was our main reason that we went there. It didn't end up going so well, we didn't qualify. After that we still spent like two weeks there. We were not practicing, we were just enjoying the time in Mongolia.

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