Fragicago 2023 Day Two Live Blog

The action continues in Lisle!

Day two of Fragicago 2023 is underway, and' Jeffrey "Mnmzzz" Moore is here live to cover the action. will be covering the event live and breaking you the latest results, interviews, and other content from the Scrims Esports Center in Lisle, Illinois.

10:55PM - End of Day Two

Day two has come to an exciting conclusion, so will see you tomorrow at 01:00PM to see who will win Fragicago 2023.


In the final map of day two, Badass have crushed 13-6 on Ancient to make their way into day three. MIGHT have now exited the tournament in 5th-8th place and will be going home.

09:16PM - BOSS, Unjustified, LAG through to final day

BOSS, Unjustified, and LAG have claimed spots in the semfinals after besting Supernova, Revel, and kariESPORTS, respectively. Meanwhile, MIGHT and Badass have gone into a third map, with the two teams trading blows as they look to continue their runs.

08:14PM - MIGHT up against Badass

In a series that will likely decide which team heads to the finals, MIGHT have taken the lead against Badass, with MIGHT winning Anubis 13-10. The action is now heading to Mirage where MIGHT will look to close things out and Badass will look to force a third map.

06:45PM - Top Eight Territory

Here at Fragicago things are starting to get interesting as the event has reached top eight. There are some huge matches coming up as Badass are set to face MIGHT and BOSS will be playing Advanced squad Supernova.

05:50PM - BOSS 13-0 Tsunami

BOSS, the event's #1 seed, have continued their winning ways by picking up a 13-0 Nuke win over Tsunami in their first playoffs match. The two teams are now battling on Anubis.

Elsewhere in the bracket, Supernova took map one against Midwest Fraggers, and Revel are up a map on NuTorious.

04:40PM - MIGHT and Badass in Top Eight

With two clean 2-0 wins, MIGHT and Badass have advanced to top eight with wins over Xmplfy and 26 Rising, respectively.

04:07PM - Tsunami close out the group stage with a win

The group stage has come to a close with Tsunami taking a 2-0 win over Fueled by Hate. The playoffs is already underway, with the bracket set to update shortly.

The bracket can be found here.

03:13PM - More teams through to playoffs

Results have been coming fast and furious here at Fragicago, with more teams making their way into playoffs. In Group A, Revel have locked in their spot with a 2-1 win over Kaos while in Group C, Peeker's Advantage advanced with a 2-1 win over The Legacy of Aeons.

Additionally, in Group C Xmplfy secured a 2-1 win over Malice, 26 Rising bested Absolute Zero 2-0, and The Worm Clan beat Detonate 2-0.

01:35PM - We're Back! is back for day two of Fragicago 2023! There's been a lot going on in the past ten hours since our last update, so let's get down to business.

Let's get down to it:

  • United States Glizzy Gobblers 0-2 United States The Worm Clan

  • United States Detonate 0-2 United States Supernova

  • United States Fueled By Hate 2-0 United States Shinzo Abe Fan Club

  • United States NuTorious 2-1 United States Tsunami

  • United States Midwest Fraggers 2-0 United States Vintage

  • United States Straight Aimers 2-0 United States Skyline

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