Fragicago 2023 Day One Live Blog is here in Chicago!

Day one of Fragicago 2023 is underway, and' Jeffrey "Mnmzzz" Moore is here live to cover the action. will be covering the event live and breaking you the latest results, interviews, and other content from the Scrims Esports Center in Lisle, Illinois.

02:52AM - End of Day One Coverage

With it being the wee hours of the night, will be ending its coverage of day one. However, there are still two more elimination matches left to be concluded that we fill you in on tomorrow. Good night and see you tomorrow for the Day Two Live Blog.

01:05AM - Groups G & H underway

We're closing in on the end of day one, with Groups G and H live now (Bracket here). While they are no huge names in this wave of players, one team to keep an eye on is The Worm Clan, featuring a number of familiar names of old in the NA scene.

The Worm Clan consists of:

  • United States Alexander "retrQ" Kadan

  • United States Dominick "JazzPimp" Dimpfel

  • United States Riley "Reality" Fusch

  • United States Liam "Welshy" Newhouse

  • United States "AlerT"

12:34AM - MIGHT make it through

After a bumpy series that did not inspire confidence in MIGHT, the team have none the less triumphed and taken down Straight Aimers 2-1. They are though to playoffs where they will hope to get back on the horse.

12:11AM - Straight Aimers continue to shock

Straight Aimers have continued to shock those at Frag Chicago as they have run up a 10-5 lead on Ancient. With the team now on their CT-side, MIGHT likewise have their backs against the wall and need to rally hard.

11:46PM - Finally on Stream!

After being off stream for the first two maps, MIGHT vs. Straight Aimers is set to make its climactic conclusion on Stream. Be sure to check out the battle on Ancient here.


After being forced to overtime on a razor's edge, MIGHT have bested Straight Aimers 16-14 on Anubis and are now taking the fight to Ancient. With playoffs on the line, everyone is wondering, can Straight Aimers continue the upset or will MIGHT rebound and show what they're made of?

11:22PM - More chaos in Group E!

The whole venue has their eyes glued to this match as MIGHT have been forced into overtime on Anubis after Straight Aimers put up a stellar CT-side!

10:31PM- Shocking result in Group E

In the most shocking result of the day thus far, MIGHT have lost map one, Nuke, against Straight Aimers 13-11 in their series to determine a spot in playoffs. Straight Aimers, for context, are an unlikely squad to take a map again MIGHT, with Tsunami Siren's coach, Victor "Ink", leading the charge of a relatively ragtag mixteam.

08:44PM - MIGHT 2-0 Mungy Inc

Despite an overtime scare against Mungy Inc on Anubis, MIGHT have taken down Mungy Inc 2-0 and are one win away from making playoffs.

07:12PM - MIGHT up 1-0 against Mungy Inc

MIGHT have taken map one against Mungy Inc. and are now on Anubis as they look to take the series home.

06:01PM - Wave 2 Started

Wave two of the group stage has begun, with kariESPORTS and MIGHT being the top teams in this part of the bracket. MIGHT vs. Mungy Inc. will be starting soon be sure to check it out on stream.

04:08PM - Badass secure playoffs

Badass have become the first team to secure playoffs at Fragicago 2032 with a double 13-3 win over Peeker's Advantage.

Badass are playing this event with a mix consisting of:

  • United States Wyatt "snav" Phillippi

  • United States Derek "dare" Brown

  • United States Shane "shane" Dressler

  • United States Jaxon "Peeping" Cornwell

  • Adam "nbgee12" Zanzoul

03:43PM - Badass stomp Peeker's Advantage on Map One

Badass are one map away from making playoffs after taking down Peeker's Advantage 13-3 on Ancient. Map two is now live on Vertigo.

02:40PM - Unjustified 13-0 Vintage

In NA's first LAN 13-0, Unjustified have bested Vintage on Vertigo to claim the 2-0 and will now be playing the winner of BHOP vs. Midwest Fraggers.

02:10PM - Unjustified up 1-0, Peeker's Advantage win Opener

With matches finally underway, results have begun to roll in, with Unjustified picking up their first map 13-2 against Vintage, while David "DAVEY" Stafford Peeker's Advantage bested The Legacy of Aeons 13-4, 13-7.

01:22PM - Tech Issues Solved, we are live!

After a two-hour delay due to a mix of tech issues and Valve pushing an update late last night, Fragicago 2023 is underway!

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