ESL Impact Season 4 LAN Finals Valencia Groups announced

No NA vs. NA during the group stage.

After a controversial 24 hours after announcing the 2024 calendar, ESL Impact has revealed the group draw for the upcoming LAN Finals in Valencia later this month.

FlyQuest RED is the North American representative in Group A, alongside Nigma Galaxy, Fluxo Demons, and HSG fe. Shimmer will represent the region in Group B, with NAVI Javelins, FURIA fe, and 9 Pandas Fearless.

With the competition set to begin on December 8th, this is the first time since Season 1 that the North American teams will not meet in the group stage, likewise for the South American teams.

In FlyQuest RED's group, three teams reached the playoffs last time around: Nigma Galaxy, who ended up winning the whole event; B4 Demons, now playing under the Fluxo Demons banner; and FlyQuest RED themselves. HSG fe are the dark horse of Group A, having beaten CLG Red during Season 2, but didn't win a single map during Season 3 after having acquired Olga "Olga" Rodrigues from FURIA.

Shimmer were drawn in the group with the #2 and #3 seeds from Europe, NAVI Javelins, and 9 Pandas Fearless, showing high-quality Counter-Strike regionally. FURIA is also present in Group B after winning the South American division.

ESL Impact Season 4 Finals group stage will follow the GSL format, with the opening and winner's matches being Bo1s, while the qualification and elimination series will be Bo3s. Teams will be fighting for the $123,000 prize pool money and for bragging rights, as the non-European teams will be attending the event, also intending to show they are worthy of having more spots in future ESL Impact events.

The opening games, which are Bo1 matches, have also been revealed after the groups' announcement:

Group A

Nigma Galaxy vs. HSG fe
FlyQuest RED vs. Brazil Fluxo Demons

Group B

Brazil FURIA vs. 9 Pandas Fearless
United States Shimmer vs. NAVI Javelins

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