It's curtains for the NA team in Finland.

MOUZ eliminate Complexity from Elisa Masters Espoo

The #3 ranked team defeat Complexity.

In a whirlwind of upsets at Elisa Masters Espoo which saw HAVU take the top spot in Group A, Complexity and MOUZ found themselves in dire straights in the lower bracket after losses to FURIA and Apeks respectively. The two top-five teams played for survival in the $200,000 event, with a victory not even securing playoffs, but a loss securing a ride home.

The two teams butted heads first on Overpass, Complexity's choice. MOUZ elected to begin on the CT-side as the easier part to play, but also, it's no secret that Complexity have had issues on the offensive recently, requiring massive comebacks on the CT-side against the likes of Astralis to win maps. However, today spelled a different story. Complexity came out of the T-side swinging, racking up the pistol, conversion, and even the first gun round taking half the rounds of the half before MOUZ were able to launch a rebuttal.

MOUZ made the rest of the half interesting, but first kills from Ricky "floppy" Kemery and Jonathan "EliGE" Jablonowski launched Complexity to an 8-4 lead at the half. MOUZ's T-side started strong, but Complexity's overwhelming CT-side supremacy kept MOUZ's T-side successes to a minimum, conceding only a solitary gun round and winning the map 13-7.

If you thought Overpass was dominant, you were in for a shock on Inferno. MOUZ's pick, you would think the EU lineup would stand a bigger fight, but Complexity, choosing to start the map on T-side and set the pace themselves, completely surprised MOUZ's defenses. MOUZ did win the pistol and the followup, but bomb plants allowed Complexity to enter the third round with a decent economy. It only took one victory for Complexity to speed ahead and never look back. Like Overpass ended, Inferno began, with MOUZ winning just one gun round in that half., with a 2v4 from Håkon "hallzerk" Fjærli and floppy proving the mental edge Complexity had over MOUZ.

A pistol and conversion spelled all but the end, with Complexity leaping to an 11-3 lead. Unfortunately for the Americans, MOUZ's T-side proved incredibly strong, winning every single gun round. Complexity's CT-side was hapless for the second time today following their 0-9 run against FURIA in the opening BO1. Round after round, MOUZ pulled out clutch after clutch to win eleven in a row and win Inferno 13-11.

On Ancient, MOUZ's T-side sprang to an early lead, and kept Complexity from claiming any consecutive rounds in the first half, just four isolated incidents. The T-side pistol and a first gun round victory allowed Complexity to tie it up at eight apiece, but MOUZ's CT-side proved too strong in the dying moments of the game. MOUZ won Ancient 13-11 and the series 2-1.

2 - 1
All maps
MOUZ K - D +/- ADR KAST Rating 2.0
Dorian 'xertioN' Berman 52 - 48 +4 91.0 79.1% 1.26
Ádám 'torzsi' Torzsás 49 - 38 +11 66.7 74.6% 1.20
David 'frozen' Čerňanský 44 - 45 -1 81.4 70.1% 1.06
Jimi 'Jimpphat' Salo 35 - 42 -7 61.2 79.1% 0.94
Kamil 'siuhy' Szkaradek 37 - 46 -9 59.5 68.7% 0.87
Complexity K - D +/- ADR KAST Rating 2.0
United States Jonathan 'EliGE' Jablonowski 57 - 43 +14 92.6 74.6% 1.33
United States Ricky 'floppy' Kemery 44 - 43 +1 79.2 74.6% 1.19
United States Michael 'Grim' Wince 38 - 46 -8 68.9 71.6% 1.00
Håkon 'hallzerk' Fjærli 40 - 40 +0 53.7 70.1% 0.93
Johnny 'JT' Theodosiou 37 - 47 -10 62.0 70.1% 0.91

Complexity are eliminated from Elisa Masters Espoo 2023 in last place. MOUZ now face FURIA for the final spot in the playoffs, joining HAVU, Apeks, and the winner of GamerLegion vs ENCE. That game takes place tomorrow, December 1st, at 12:00PM.

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