Unjustified Cyrix: "I think we are the best team here"

The squad is on fire.

Unjustified have completely flipped the script on their NA performances, going from relegation fodder to challenging for the top. The squad finished in 11th/12th last season in the ESL Challenger League Season 45, heading into relegation with a chance they could be headed down to Advanced. Now, the team has somehow turned it all around with a solid squad consisting of McKinley "Cyrix" Hollison, John "arcade" Rogel, Kyle "Wolffe" Greenfield, Sebastian "Seb" Dietrich, and Mason "Lake" Sanderson.

The team beat almost everyone's expectations this season in ECL S46 as they turned around a 1-2 start to finish 10-4 and with a third-place finish in the league, just below M80 and BOSS. At Fragicago, Jeffrey "Mnmzzz" Moore got the chance to have a conversation with McKinley "cyrix" Hollison to talk about the team's incredible turnaround, their chances at Fragicago, and how the squad are adapting to Counter-Strike 2.

Please note that the full interview can be found below on YouTube, while the transcript has some key snippets from their conversation.

Unjustified made playoffs without much trouble. How are you feeling about your run thus far?

Just great honestly. What we've done here is just show what we've got and show every team we've played so far that we're playing really well and we look to just continue that.

When you signed with Unjustified, we saw a U-turn with Wolffe where he returned a week later. What happened there?

It was more a misunderstanding than anything honestly. It was something we needed to talk about a bit within the team and figure out where we are going in the future. After we had those conversations and figured things out, he was able to come back and give him the support he needed to actually come play with us in the future so it all worked out.

Coming into Season 46, the team replaced DJF with arcade, can you explain that change?

At the time DJF wanted to retire, and he did briefly before he ended up joining Eros and playing with those guys. Honestly and no offense to DJF, the decision was beneficial to us because it allowed us to expand on our roles and change our playstyle and it's been a much better change for us ever since.

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