ESL Challenger Jönköping Open Qualifier set to start tomorrow

Teams have one more day to sign up for the LAN qualifier.

The open qualifier for ESL Challenger Jönköping is set to start tomorrow, October 3rd, with teams fighting for one of two spots in the closed qualifier for a chance to play at the Swedish LAN. The event based at DreamHack Winter is notable as it will be the first major LAN event NA teams can qualify to following the release of Counter-Strike 2.

Currently a number of top NA teams are signed up for the qualifier, including Evil Geniuses, Forsaken, and Wildcard. With two invite spots to the closed qualifier likely going to Complexity and Nouns based on the ESL World Ranking, these teams represent the top squads to make it through the open qualifier.

Any other teams that are interested in throwing their hats into the ring have 25 hours left to sign up here.

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