Tsunami Sirens win first Counter-Strike 2 event in North America

The future is now, old gamers.

Tsunami Sirens beat Wanted Goons Bandits in order to win the first-ever official Counter-Strike 2 event in North America, the ESL Impact Cash Cup Autumn #1.

This win, other than the top prize of $750, also marks the start of a new age, as the Counter-Strike 2 era began.

In one of the iterations of the event with the lowest count of teams, five, Tsunami Sirens were the highest-seeded team of the bunch, but Totsugeki and WG Bandits were also awarded a bye in the first round. Said round only featured one game, Category 5 vs. Killer Queens, as the latter team won 13-6. Don't forget that with CS2 MR12 will be the standard format.

In the semifinals, Tsunami Sirens beat Killer Queens with ease, 13-3 in Overpass, and 13-4 in Ancient. The other side of the bracket had a much closer series, as WG Bandits overcame Totsugeki 2-1, winning Anubis 13-10, losing Inferno 13-8, and then, comfortably winning Overpass 13-5.

The grand final was a quick one, as Tsunami Sirens won 2-0, 13-5 in Anubis and 13-7 in Ancient. Both first halves of the series ended with Tsunami Sirens ahead 7-5 but the second halves saw the team run away with the map, 6-0 and 6-2, respectively.

Reminder that Wanted Goons missed out on a spot in ESL Impact Season 4, and the team managed to beat Totsugeki, who have qualified for the regional stage.

This is the first time Tsunami Sirens roster has won the competition with the new organization.

1. Tsunami Sirens - $750
2. United States Wanted Goons Bandits - $250
3-4. United States Totsugeki
3-4. United States Killer Queens

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