Counter-Strike breaks monthly player record

The arrival of CS2 is bringing big things to the game.

Counter-Strike 2, the long awaited, and just delayed until after the summer it was promised to be released in, came on September 27th to much fan-fare. In the months to the leadup, fans new and old came to the game in droves, smashing player records from the time of the announcement, through the Limited Test, and now as it has fully arrived.

In May 2023, as the game was opening up for the limited test, Counter-Strike saw a new record absolutely smashed as they achieved a height of 29.3 million unique players. That record had beaten almost all previous heights, including those in April 2021 of nearly 27.0 million and May 2020 with 26.2 million.

As of September 2023, there were 31,466,851 unique players who have logged into Counter-Strike, breaking all previous records. With the arrival of CS2, fans continue to flock to the game as it dominates all discussion in every corner of the community.

The competitive community continues to discuss different adjustments found, the skins community is breaking down their changes weapon and sticker combinations, and the casual community is excitedly exploring what this major update has given them.

You can see the full monthly breakdown of unique players on Counter-Strike here.

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