Roobet Arena September postponed

While the cup may have more signups, it loses the honor of being the first CS2 event in NA.

Roobet Arena September, a $2.5k cup which was set to start today has been postponed to October 7th, leaving this weekend without any CS2 action as ESEA have also elected to not hold a Cash Cup in North America. While Roobet not Challengermode commented on the postponement, the cup has struggled to garner signups, with only eight complete teams signed up at the time of publication.

As such, giving teams more team to sign up seems like the wise decision, however Roobet will no longer, as a result, be the first event to feature CS2 as ESL Challenger League and various qualifiers are set to run next week.

Despite it being less marketable from this angle, the cup is still a great opportunity for NA teams, as such interested squads should sign up here.

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