ESL Impact Season 4 NA Week 3 - Highlights and Recap

Karma and EG had one of the best series of the season so far.

Week 3 had some of the most balanced maps of the season, as ESL Impact said goodbye to CS:GO during a week that was a good farewell to the Valve title.

In this article, you can find a recap of the four series of the week, the top three highlights, and performers of the games.

The week started with Totsugeki and Tsunami Sirens facing off. Tsunami Sirens won 16-2 in Ancient, as Totsugeki were using a sub until halftime (13-2), and 19-16 in Inferno, being the first overtime of the NA season. FlyQuest RED beat Hyperion with two 16-5 maps, first in Inferno and then Overpass.

Shimmer quickly dispatched Cherry Bombs with a 16-4 Mirage and a 16-2 Ancient. Karma and EG Gold produced one of the most entertaining series so far, as the Geniuses won the series with a 16-13 Overpass and a 16-8 Inferno.

Top 3 Performances

#1 United States Lucy "empathy" Verkaik - Shimmer

empathy is one of the best performers of ESL Impact regardless of the region. This series showed why. empathy is one of those players who never takes her foot off the gas, even when the map is not competitive. empathy ended the series with a 124.1 ADR and a 2.16 Rating.

#2 Kiki "PiggyKiki" Long - EG Gold

The Chinese AWPer was the difference maker in the toughest series EG Gold has had so far. She was able to have a lot of impact, getting 33 kills in Overpass and only dying 13 times and a consistent 1.72 rating on each map

#3 Coline "Kaoday" Le Floc'h - FlyQuest RED

It wouldn't be a Top 3 performance of the week without Kaoday, would it? The French player was yet again the star of the show in FlyQuest RED's win against Hyperion, earning themselves more than 100 ADR, and a 1.64 rating.

Top 3 Highlights

#1 United States Kiara "m1lky" Makua (EG Gold) - 1v2 defuse clutch

Right at the end of the first half of Overpass, EG Gold was managing a comeback from an 8-3 deficit and m1lky ensured they would go to halftime only down one round, after winning a great 1v2 clutch with very little time to defuse the bomb.

#2 United States Cynthia "katalyyst" Sheerajin (Totsugeki) - 4K

katalyyst put on her best John Wick costume and went on a killing spree, regardless of weapon or method. A spray through a smoke, a XANTARESesque peek onto the enemy AWPer, a quick scope onto the rotator, and a long-range snipe to get the fourth, got her team their first round.

#3 Canada Mounira "GooseBreeder" Dobie (FlyQuest RED) - 3K flank

The IGLs decided they wanted to show off during Week 3 so we have another one on this list. GooseBreeder displayed her experience and kept it cool when she caught three enemies with their backs turned to her.

Shot of the week - United States Kelsie "uhKelsie" Click (FlyQuest RED) - Clean USP-S one-tap

The best shot of this week goes to uhKelsie after this clean one-tap to start the series in style.

Week 3 Results

FlyQuest RED 2-0 United States Hyperion
Tsunami Sirens 2-0 United States Totsugeki
United States Cherry Bombs 0-2 United States Shimmer
United States Karma 0-2 United States Evil Geniuses Gold

Week 4 Schedule

United States Evil Geniuses Gold vs. Tsunami Sirens - Wednesday 07:30PM
United States Cherry Bombs vs. United States Hyperion - Wednesday 07:30PM
United States Karma vs. FlyQuest RED - Thursday 07:30PM
United States Totsugeki vs. United States Shimmer - Thursday 07:30PM

Standings after Week 3

1st - FlyQuest RED - 3-0
2nd - United States Shimmer - 3-0
3rd - United States Evil Geniuses Gold - 3-0
4th - United States Karma - 2-1
5th - Tsunami Sirens - 1-2
6th - United States Hyperion - 0-3
7th - United States Totsugeki - 0-3
8th - United States Cherry Bombs - 0-3

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