EliGE is having some issues with CS2

EliGE on CS2: "Rubber banding is still an issue"

The Complexity frontman offered some thoughts after scrims.

Yesterday, Jonathan "EliGE" Jablonowski provided some initial feedback following scrims in CS2 with Complexity. With many pros voicing their concerns over what they feel is an unfinished game, the competitive landscape for CS2 is shaping up to be rough around the edges.

Some of EliGE's complaints focused on the game performance, saying that in scrims there is "rubber banding" when running next to teammates. For the uninformed, rubber banding is when a character leaps from one point to the other, going back and forth in a chaotic manner. Another of his complaints was FPS issues, however, it is unknown what exactly the root cause of the issue might be.

In examining EliGE's issues with the game mechanics, he explains that it is difficult to know if a molotov misses in the air as there is no further sound cue, like when it existed in CS:GO. The sound acted more like a splash in CS:GO, whereas in CS2 there is no noticeable sound to help players identify what has happened. It could be argued that it is the exact lack of a sound that should provide a cue to the player.

Smokes have been a main issue for several players, with lighting issues happening on Nuke, shadows emerging through the sides, etc... For EliGE, he noticed that when smokes get extinguished, the user's frames drop "super hard", which can make it difficult to play around. Finally, sounds have become a significant issue, but this can be adjusted within the user settings.

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