Pro League Season 18 was ESL's last CS:GO event

ESL Pro Tour and Impact fully transition to CS2

It's time to move on.

ESL has announced that all competitions will move forward to Counter-Strike 2 following the publication of the title earlier this week. Citing difficulties in continuing to practice

Although some pros argue that the game is not yet ready for esports competitions, the move will be celebrated by fans who have been clamoring for the change.

The first competition being affected by these changes are the ESL Challenger Jonkoping Qualifiers, taking place on October 3rd. The competitions getting the shorter end of the stick are ESL Challenger League, ESL Impact, and the regional championships that have all started in CS:GO but will now transition to CS2 in the middle of the season.

In these cases, with the change from MR15 to MR12, ESL has decided that due to mixing the two formats, in case of the tiebreakers going to the round difference there will be a decider match to undo the tie.

IEM Sydney 2023 is now confirmed to be the first big event to be played in the new Valve title with ESL naturally sticking with the transition for all future events.

This means the new age of Counter-Strike is starting... but only for some, as BLAST will be sticking with CS:GO for their Showdown events, which starts on October 4th.

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