NA Revival Cup Qualifier surpasses 160 signups

There's still room for more!

Just a day before the start of the NA Revival Cup, the tournament now boasts 167 teams already registered with 25 more teams waiting in the wings to complete their squads. Complexity and Mythic have sponsored the event and pushed for numerous teams to join in recent weeks.

These 160+ teams will fight for just two spots in the main stage of the event, where BOSS, M80, Nouns, NRG, Party Astronauts, and Wildcard await.

There are a lot of known names eager to join the top dogs in the main event, such as Elevate, MIGHT, LAG, G3, WICKED, and many more ESEA Advanced teams. This is a good sign for the North American scene, as Jason Lake and Complexity hope to be able to host more of these events in the future.

The open qualifier starts tomorrow at 05:00PM and teams have until 03:49PM to register, with the check-in starting the next minute. You can still register here.

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May 15, 2024 04:47PM
Honestly easy money for me EZ W
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