Coupe Québécoise TO 5stakk ceases operations

The French-Canadian TO planned on running more events in CS2.

5stakk, the tournament organizer behind the French-Canadian Coupe Québecoise de Counter-Strike announced today that they will be ceasing operations six months after their last Counter-Strike 2 event. 5stakk was founded in 2023 by a small team to operate VALORANT and then Counter-Strike events in the Canadian province of Québec, providing exclusive LAN and online events to Canada's second-largest province.

In the announcement of 5stakk's dissolution, the team stated they are no longer able to dedicate the time necessary to continue running tournaments, with the TO hoping someone in the community will pick up the mantle of providing esports events to the region.

During their time in esports 5stakk hosted three VALORANT events and a single CS2 event, which was won by Ducky in a surprise upset against David "J0LZ" Jolin's Miracle roster, which consisted of the core of today's Strife lineup.

The demise of 5stakk will leave a hole in the Canadian LAN scene that may take some time to fill. However, other offerings in America's northern neighbor are still set to run in short-order, including LAN ETS 2024 and Game Con Canada 2024.

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