It's time for the two to tango

NA derby highlights IEM Dallas opening matchups

No, but seriously?

Before we even get to IEM Dallas, Liquid is front and center in the eyes of the community after a report yesterday which stated that IGL Casper "cadiaN" Møller's future in the starting line up is in doubt. Six months for the Liquid roster hasn't necessarily produced the results the organization wants, and they are already looking to make a change.

This makes the matchups for the opening round of America's biggest LAN all the more interesting, as Liquid is set to play Complexity in an American Derby. The two organizations have battled constantly over the last few years for sole ownership of the top spot in the region. Complexity comfortably holds that crown for now and potentially in the near future, as Liquid needs to solve its roster issues.

The last time the two sides played was at the 2024 PGL Copenhagen Major Americas RMR where Complexity eliminated Liquid and qualified for the Major in Denmark.

Elsewhere, M80 are set to play FaZe in the opening round. The trickshotting-organization was acquired by former Complexity owners GameSquare earlier this year and are seeded first in Group B with M80 seeded last.

Liquid and Complexity are set to kick things off at 02:30PM on May 27th with M80 playing FaZe at 03:30PM later that same day.

The opening round for IEM Dallas features best-of-one matches in a GSL group play format, with all subsequent matches being best-of-three. The last time that a North American squad won the Dallas event was Team Liquid in 2019 with their famed Intel Grand Slam winning roster.

Group A

MOUZ v. 9z
United States Complexity v. Liquid World
G2 v. Falcons
Vitality v. Monte

Group B

FaZe v. M80
VP v. Heroic
Spirit v. FlyQuest Australia

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May 17, 2024 04:41PM
Liquids mental coach literally looks like an older version of grim. I can't unsee it.
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