Game Con Canada CS2 tournament canceled

The event was canceled after failing to draw more than a handful of teams. has confirmed that the $5k CAD Counter-Strike 2 tournament that was set to potentially culminate in a LAN finals at Game Con Canada in Edmonton, Alberta has been canceled. According to organizer Arian "brodania" H. of ACADME Esports, the event was canceled due to a lack of signups, with less than four teams signing up for the event ahead of the start date on May 19th.

The decision to cancel the event comes just fourteen days after the tournament was announced, which provided an exceedingly short window for teams to plan to compete in the hybrid event. Additionally, the event suffered from a number of choices that potentially reduced interest from teams.

Among these choices was the decision to charge $262.4 CAD (~$192) to compete in the event, which would remain solely online unless an ambitious goal of 55 signups was met.

Additionally, the requirement for players to be 18+ to compete in the event, even if exclusively an online event, likely turned away a number of semi-professional teams featuring younger players.

Despite their first CS2 event failing to take shape, brodania said ACADME Esports still plan on hosting future events in the game, with their next event likely coming some time in 2025.

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