Legacy and regain claim final spots in NA Revival Cup

One of these results was expected, the other was certainly not.

The NA Revival Cup qualifier played out last night, seeing an impressive turnout of 155 teams whittled down to the final two would join six teams in the main event. After many of play, Legacy and regain topped the stack and will now play in the main event.

Legacy making the main event comes as little surprise as the Brazilian squad were the number one seed in the qualifier and are regarded as a top squad in North America per Dust2.us' Power Ranking. Their run in the qualifier was fairly uneventful, with the team not running into any serious opposition until round four, where they dispatched Ukrainian ESEA Advanced squad Lore 13-5 on Ancient. Their next matches were also non-events, setting up a showdown against MIGHT for a spot in the main event.

This showdown ended up being Legacy's most dominant match of the qualifier as they completely decimated the ESL Challenger League squad, posting a perfect 13-0 on Vertigo to brush MIGHT aside.

Elsewhere in the bracket, regain's run was far more eventful as they played their first close match in round three against Snakes Den, taking a 13-9 win against the team on Anubis before taking down Strife 13-8 on Nuke. Their next match against StandOnBusiness was uneventful before regain claimed another scalp with a 13-5 win over Take Flyte on Mirage, eliminating another ECL team from the running. With Take Flyte out of the way, regain's final opponent was the Mongolian ESEA Advanced squad G3, who had pulled off a shock 13-11 upset win against Elevate on Mirage.

As can be expected, this best-of-one ended up being quite close, with Eric "Zucar" Zuccaro needing to post 23 kills to push regain to a 13-11 victory on Ancient. With this win, regain completed their run to join NA's top teams in the NA Revival Cup.

The NA Revival Cup is set to start today with the following teams:

United States BOSS
United States Nouns
United States NRG

United States Party Astronauts
United States Wildcard
Brazil Legacy
United States regain

Matches will start today at 06:00PM with BOSS taking on NRG while Party Astronauts will face Legacy.

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