flashie first joined CLG Red in December 2020

flashie: "We reached our ultimate goal which was to make playoffs on this event"

FlyQuest Red's coach has high hopes for the future of the squad.

After the loss against NAVI Javelins, FlyQuest Red's run at ESL Impact Season 3 Finals came to an end with the team making the playoffs but falling short of going into the final. Dust2.us' Jeffrey "Mnmzzz" Moore talked with the coach of the team, Viktor "flashie" Bea, about the match, the event, and the recent move to FlyQuest.

Please note that the full interview can be found below on YouTube, while the transcript has some key snippets from their conversation.

You guys suffered a tough loss against NAVI Javelins. What do you think went wrong in the game?

I think NAVI is just on another level right now. We are improving event by event and we are trying our best and we made playoffs this time which we are satisfied with. We need to keep improving to be able to compete with these kinds of teams like Nigma Galaxy and NAVI Javelins.

For about a two-month period, the squad was in free agency. Is it a relief for your team that they don't have to worry about being orgless?

Definitely. I am really proud of the team, how we pushed through the two months of finding a new organization, they kept practicing, kept pushing for our goals and we reached our ultimate goal which was to make playoffs on this event.

During your time with CLG Red, you weren't in America with the team most of the time, right?

I am working from Europe, I am living in Hungary and that's how I'm trying to figure out the timezone changes. I'm nine hours behind LA, it's rough but at some point, you are getting used to it.

We see NAVI Javelins continue to close the gap to Nigma, we see NIP Impact come up and play very very well. Do you think now that you are with FlyQuest Red, you have the tools with this roster to rise up and take down Nigma Galaxy and be a force in the Impact scene?

Yeah, definitely. Our biggest problem right now is consistency. If it's our A-day I think we can beat anyone, but if it's our B or C-day then I feel we could also lose to anyone. That's the hard part and that's what we are trying to work on more, to be more consistent as a team and as individuals as well.

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