madss: "We're grinding out now to be well-developed in the future"

madss carries high confidence about the future of the team.

To continue' coverage of the ESL Impact Season 3 Finals in Dallas, Jeffrey "Mnmzzz" Moore caught up with Marissa "madss" Dasta of the newly-signed FlyQuest RED following their 10-16 loss to 9 Pandas Fearless. They discussed the departure from CLG Red, signing to the new org, how they're building for the long term, and more.

Please note that the full interview can be found below on YouTube, while the transcript has some key snippets from their conversation.

You guys look like you had a strong opening, but things started to go wrong in the second half. Can you walk us through why you felt you lost momentum?

I think it had a lot to do with, in the first half, we talked about how we needed to make sure we weren't hesitating and you know I think that we just sped up too much. It kind of happens, first-game jitters, it was the best of one. Last time we went to a BO3 with them in Katowice and we did good we went all three [maps] so I think right now our mentality is to learn, reset, and go into our best-of-three later.

What's your plan to prep between this match and the next match not knowing who your opponent's gonna be next?

I think we're just going to talk about this game first, make sure that if we get Overpass in our map pool that we know what we did wrong and we make sure that those mistakes are hammered out, and then we just go from there I think.

We had a chance actually to talk to your family before the match, the whole madss fan section. How does it feel to sort of have your whole family come out to support you on the stage?

Yeah, it's awesome. It's something that not a lot of people get and I think you know because of being home crowd advantage it's really nice to just like, you win a cool round and you hear everybody in the crowd, so like we definitely appreciate that and we feed off of that so it's nice.

CLG Red supported the woman’s scene for such a long time in North America. How long did you guys know before CLG Red collapsed? What was the timeline?

We figured out the same day. So the same day that we were told we had an emergency meeting, we had an emergency meeting about an hour after that and we were told that that was our last day so it was instant.

How did things come together with FlyQuest? Was it equally quick?

I would say it definitely took some time, especially with the VISA stuff that you know we had to deal with, but it's getting worked out and FlyQuest is so great they're seriously like CLG where they're more of a family than just an org. They care about us and they're doing everything for our best interests.

The decision to cut some of the more veteran players on CLG Red was sort of met as I wouldn’t say controversial, but it was unorthodox getting rid of these sort of legends of the NA woman’s scene to bring in your younger faces. Since then, how would you rate the team's development since creating this roster?

So I think that this roster is more set for the future. I think that we're grinding out now to be well developed in the future whereas the past previous team was more, I guess they weren't as I guess, invested. They were interested in other endeavors such as VALORANT, so I think this team is more so just for sustaining the future of you know whatever we're building at FlyQuest RED.

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