julih averaged a 1.11 rating during ESL Impact Season 3 Finals

julih: "The choice we made about poppins is more for the long run"

The rifler believes the journey is just getting started.

After their loss against Nigma Galaxy in the semifinals of ESL Impact League Season 3, B4 left Dallas empty-handed but with some good signs for the future.

Dust2.us' own Daniel "Scoobster" Khurgin talked with Julia "julih" Gomes, the 24-year-old rifler from the Brazilian squad, about the game against Nigma Galaxy, her teammate Nadjila "poppins" Rodrigues, and the future of the team, going into Season 4.

What went wrong in the game against Nigma Galaxy?

It's a game to see who makes fewer mistakes and, unfortunately, they were the ones who made fewer mistakes. We tried to play our game but they punished us very well. They are a team that does this very well and that was it, we had some strange mistakes during the game and those mistakes made them punish us.

Nigma Galaxy are winning every single Impact event. What makes it so hard to play against? Why can't anyone figure out a way to beat them?

Their consistency and team play, they have been together for a long time now, and that is very valuable in CS.

You have poppins on the team, who is much younger than everyone else. How did she come to join before?

I used to play with her, we knew she stood out on the team she was with and that caught our eye and made us want her to join our team.

How are you helping support her, giving her the experience because, after all, she is just getting into the professional scene?

We are very experienced, we can help her with that. We need to use our experience to, in a way, educate her about the game.

Since she does go to school, do you, as a team, think it's worth it to have someone who can potentially be one of the best players in the Impact scene but can't spend much time with you during bootcamps, compared to have someone a couple of years older who could be full time with you?

I think the choice we made about poppins is more for the long run, this is her last year in school and it's going to open that door for us to have that freedom of having her in all the bootcamps and we can even do international bootcamps.

You were the only Brazilian team in the playoffs, does that add any pressure to represent your scene? What are the goals for the roster coming in after this season?

For us to reach the semifinals is very good, for us the goal was to get to the final and win, but unfortunately didn't happen. This means that we have just taken the first steps, and we need to work harder in order to do better the next time.

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