GooseBreeder's new org secures a solid finish

FlyQuest Red finish Top 4 in organizational debut

The newly-signed squad improved upon their previous placements in Impact.

In a shock announcement in the lead up to ESL Impact Season 3 Finals at DreamHack Dallas, the former CLG Red squad announced they were signed by North American League of Legends organization FlyQuest. Known as FlyQuest Red, keeping the same color moniker that has followed the squad for years, the team immediately improved upon their previous performances on LAN and propelled themselves into the semi-finals at the American LAN.

Facing the NAVI Javelins, FlyQuest Red were hopeful of bringing home a trophy for the first time in this revamped international women's scene and a first to their new organization. The Poles were strong opposition, having gone perfect in their group play and on a 10 match win streak. For the North American squad, it was a underdog fight they hoped to win.

The best-of-three began on FlyQuest Red's pick of Inferno, a North American favorite. It was quickly apparent that this game would be more difficult than imagined as the North Americans were immediately pushed back as they went down 11-0 before finally getting a few rounds back. The first half would end 12-3 in favor of the team from Poland, not giving much hope to the North Americans to secure the match. That disappointment would only be confirmed a short time later as NAVI flawlessly secured their second-half T-side to win the map, 16-3.

With backs against the wall, FlyQuest would battle back and forth on Anubis for the beginning of the game, but it would be NAVI that pulled away to ensure that they would continue their hot winning streak straight into the finals later today. NAVI would pull away from FlyQuest after the North Americans took a slight 4-3 lead and would finish the first half 11-4, only to secure the second half and take the map 16-7.

Despite the loss, FlyQuest Red secured a Top 4 finish and can continue this success into the potential new season of Counter-Strike 2, coming out later this summer.

NAVI Javelins
2 - 0
FlyQuest RED
All maps
NAVI Javelins K - D +/- ADR KAST Rating 2.0
Angelika 'Angelka' Kozłowska 45 - 21 +24 100.8 85.7% 1.62
Wiktoria 'vicu' Janicka 33 - 24 +9 92.5 76.2% 1.37
Martyna 'LETi' Owsik 32 - 23 +9 91.1 81.0% 1.37
Hania 'Hanka' Pudlis 34 - 21 +13 77.4 83.3% 1.28
Karolina 'Liina' Kasprzyk 33 - 26 +7 72.7 73.8% 1.17
FlyQuest RED K - D +/- ADR KAST Rating 2.0
Australia Vivienne 'BiBiAhn' Quach 31 - 36 -5 94.9 69.0% 1.06
United States Kelsie 'uhKelsie' Click 28 - 33 -5 76.6 54.8% 0.91
Canada Mounira 'GooseBreeder' Dobie 28 - 34 -6 70.4 61.9% 0.87
Coline 'Kaoday' Le Floc'h 17 - 37 -20 40.3 47.6% 0.50
United States Marissa 'madss' Dasta 11 - 37 -26 44.5 47.6% 0.40

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