Babs stood out as the best player versus HSG

Babs: "My own teammates accused me of [cheating]"

She was such a standout player that former teammates had accused her of cheating.

After a dominating 2-0 win over HSG at the ESL Impact League Dallas Finals, Dust2'us Jeffrey “Mnmzzz” Moore caught up with the star of Black Dragons, Bruna "Babs" Nycoly. To facilitate the conversation, Black Dragons' CEO, Nicolle "Cherrygumms" Merhy, kindly offered to translate for the interview. As the MVP of the match versus HSG, Babs stood out with a 1.56 rating averaged across both maps.

The full interview can be found on YouTube at the bottom of the article, with a few key snippets transcribed here.

With this being only your second international LAN, and there being many skeptics early in your career, how does it feel to show that your skill is real here on LAN?

I'm much more of a LAN person. I much prefer playing on LAN than online from my home. I feel welcomed, I like the ambiance, I like the vibe. I like to play in that style, which is to play on hype, so it's more of an experience for me, whether I like it or not.

As one of my first international tournaments, it’s a fantastic experience and in terms of preparation as a very calm person, I let myself go more, I can finally feel the vibe of being here. So, I think I don't have this perspective of getting flustered, I'm much more relaxed here.

And does it feel great to sort of prove the skeptics wrong?

It feels very good. At the start of my career, I was called a cheater by many people. I also played on a team that even my own teammates accused me of being a cheater. So, proving this today on LAN, competing on the world stage, and being the MVP of the match is an accomplishment for me. I'm proving to all people who called me a cheater that I really play well and I can stand out; I don't need those things to reach the top.

Here in Dallas you're built up a pretty good fan section in the stands. How does it feel to have Americans supporting Black Dragons as a team that mostly plays in Brazil?

I think that apart from Counter-Strike, my dream has always been to see the whole world while playing and knowing that you are in a great championship. You're at the World Cup, that's rewarding for me, even more to see the Americans and such cheering for us. This is very exciting and certainly for me representing Black Dragons.

We’re going to play in many new areas, we're going to bring a much more constant crowd, we're going to get the Americans, we're going to bring fans, female American fans. We will try for more, as the Brazilian teams try to unite NA with this one. We want to represent Black Dragons very well, at all levels, with all types of fans, because we can.

Having defeated star Brazilian player Olga "olga" Rodrigues on HSG, Black Dragons will be facing B4 in their GSL decider match later today in a rematch of their opening game.

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