Could IEM Dallas have been arT's last event with FURIA?

FURIA's Co-Owner: future is open to "every possibility"

The co-owner of the Brazilian organization doesn't discard anything.

In an interview with Dust2 Brasil, FURIA's co-owner, André Akkari, told that "every possibility is being discussed" regarding roster changes for the second half of 2023, after a lackluster first semester for the Brazilian team.

"With the help of data, statistics, and all of the background, we are going to try to take the best decision. Nothing is set, yet. We have some internal meetings scheduled. These are going to happen now, in the next 20 days, and then we will decide."

FURIA ended 2022 with an amazing run at the IEM Rio Major, falling in the semifinals against Heroic. Since then, FURIA's only good results came at IEM Rio 2023, but even that ended on a bittersweet note, with, once again, losing to Heroic, this time in the quarterfinals.

This iteration of the Brazilian squad has remained unchanged since the addition of Rafael "saffee" Costa in January 2022, and despite coming close at times, the team never managed to lift a trophy. Although FURIA's calling style was always regarded as unusual, more recently it has come under heavy fire, as the squad is going through a slump.

Some people in the scene argue that Andrei "arT" Piovezan is not suited to IGL the team, others think André "drop" Abreu is still not ready to handle the tier one competition. Amidst all that, fans started demanding roster changes, and it seems they are being heard.

With all due respect to the player, it's impossible to defend drop's permanence on the team, very below tier 1.

Just last week it was reported by Game Arena that Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo was being targeted by FURIA, and as recently as yesterday, a Brazilian insider, Giovanni "gio" Deniz claimed that the legendary AWPer and IGL had already signed a pre-agreement with FURIA, in a deal that also includes Fernando "fer" Alvarenga.

Changes have been approaching the Brazilian squad, as even Nicholas "guerri" Nogueira posted a picture previewing IEM Dallas with a caption that ended with "One last dance!"

When asked by Dust2 Brasil about the rumors surrounding FalleN and FURIA, the team's coach opted for maintaining the silence, not confirming nor denying the situation. "I have nothing to tell [you]. I have to take care of who is with me now. That's the most important thing for me and that's what I'm going to do."

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June 3, 2023 04:44PM
Hopefully not the possibility for fallen and fer
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