slaxz- has looked right at home in Europe

What to expect from M80 v. Sharks

Hopefully a win in Malta!

M80 and Sharks have found themselves in the lower bracket of ESL Pro League Season 19's Group B. M80 fell in a barn-burner against BetBoom while Sharks lost in a fairly predictable series against Vitality, though they made it interesting along the way. With only one playoff slot available in the lower bracket, winning this match is all-important to not fall into the damnable Last Chance Qualifier, a troubling gauntlet that promises even harder battles en route to the playoffs.

s1n looks for his first international W

M80 had a great chance to give s1n a wonderful international debut with their match against BetBoom, but fell just short at the finish line despite winning all six pistol rounds. Winning pistols is not a reliable strategy for success (unless you're G2 late 2022-early 2023), though, so the team will need to clean up their anti-ecos and full buys as they look to build this roster.

  • 6/6 pistols against BetBoom with two pistol aces, can the streak continue?

  • Mario "malbsMd" Samayoa had a bad first map but powered up as the series drew long, is he still on fire?

  • Fritz "slaxz-" Dietrich looked right at home with a 1.26 rating

Sharks in the water

Sharks made the best of a bad situation with their opening match against Vitality, taking their map pick of Vertigo all the way to 24 rounds, though falling short at the end with a miserable CT-side. Their CT woes continued on Mirage where Vitality simply overran them. Not even one of the most favored teams in Brazil, Sharks will look to make their name known on the world stage.

  • 12.5% CT-side round win rate so far at EPL

  • Mateus "supLexN1" Miranda has only been with the team one month

  • Victor "togs" Rapassi is historically Sharks' best player, but he was the worst performing against Vitality

Previous Matchups

M80 and Sharks have not faced off before.

Likely Vetoes

It should be a pretty cut and dry veto, with both team's stats partially inflated by facing lesser domestic competition.

  • Sharks remove Overpass (Permaban)

  • M80 bans Nuke (Permaban)

  • Sharks pick Vertigo (Nearly beat Vitality on it)

  • M80 pick Mirage (M80 have a 67% win rate compared to Sharks' 30%)

  • Anubis decider (Both teams will like their chances)

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