Drewtheshrew and RoundCube depart Levitate

The roster is set to rebuild following the loss of their IGL and coach.

Drew "Drewtheshrew" Lamb has announced his intention to hang up the mouse and take a step back from competitive CS:GO, with a lack of enjoyment with the game being listed as the primary reason. Meanwhile, coach Cole "RoundCube" Taylor has also departed the roster, bringing an end to a brief two-month tenure with the lineup.

This comes after the Levitate squad allegedly suffered DDoS attacks in their playoff matchups before ultimately falling 0-2 to both Mythic and Big Chillin.

Drewtheshrew leaves CS:GO after spending the past two seasons on Levitate's ranks, joining when the organization signed the G4NG roster back in November of last year. Whilst there, the 21-year-old averaged a 0.94 rating across six maps while also helping the squad achieve back-to-back 9th-12th place finishes across ESEA Advanced Seasons 39 and 40. Moreover, Drewtheshrew was also at the helm during the roster's numerous appearances in several ESEA Cash Cups, but the lineup ultimately failed to make many deep runs, notably falling in the fourth-round in their past three showings.

RoundCube, meanwhile, exits the team after two months on Levitate's books. During his time with Drewtheshrew and company, RoundCube helped the squad secure a 9th-12th place finish after reaching ESEA Advanced Season 40 playoffs. This comes in spite of Levitate seemingly becoming a revolving door in recent weeks, with the team plagued by numerous departures which undoubtedly hindered the team's performance. In addition, the 22-year-old also took to Twitter to clarify that he hadn't been behind the roster since midway through the season, citing real-life commitments.

Levitate now have:

  • Kaid "bootylord" Miller

  • Josh "JBa" Barutt

  • Sam "Noxio" Goodwin

  • Matthew "Farg" Timmons

Levitate have a fair amount of time to sort out their roster woes, with the next season of ESEA Advanced not slated to begin until April 25th.

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