ONET4P release team following Fr3nk1e exit; walker cut from squad

ONET4P's involvement with the squad was heavily tied to Fr3nk1e's presence on the lineup.

Chinese organization ONET4P have parted ways with their lineup following the departures of Tianyi "Fr3nk1e" He and Andrew "vein" Lindeman from the lineup. Additionally, following the duo's departure, Walker "walker" Harris was cut from the squad. knows that the organization made the decision to stop supporting the lineup after Fr3nk1e was approached to join a new project. This is due to Fr3nk1e supposedly being the team's direct link to the Chinese organization. Additionally, with Fr3nk1e leaving, the team no longer has any connections to the Chinese expatriate CS:GO community, which is important to ONET4P as they provide servers and other services in China.

ONET4P have been invested in the North America scene since ESEA Premier Season 38, signing Triton after the team qualified through ESEA Premier Season 37 Relegation. Their initial roster was the most successful, making playoffs ahead of Strife and Mythic in Group A with a 3-4 record. In successive seasons, the team remained a consistent mid-table squad, ending Season 39 with a 3-5 record and Season 40 with a 4-3 record. This is despite the team being no stranger to roster changes, with Fr3nk1e being the only connective tissue between the original roster and the one that played ECL Season 40.

The decision to cut walker comes despite the Canadian AWPer being the team's top-rated player, posting a 1.04 rating over sixteen maps. walker told he was cut due to a role dispute with consti over who would be the teams' primary AWPer. reached out to consti who disputed this account, saying that walker was cut for commitment issues and that he will be AWPing due to there being no suitable replacements.

Without walker, Fr3nk1e, and vein, ONET4P will begin rebuilding with:

  • United States Blake "Elk" Swinson

  • United States Kevin "consti" Yi

  • United States Marco "Pol0" Hernandez

In other news, consti told that the team's analyst Sean "ashen" Yang stepped down from the team at the start of ECL Season 40 and hasn't been involved with the team for some time.

ex-ONET4P have some time to rebuild their lineup and find a new home, as ECL Season 41 isn't set to start until April 26th.

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