Grim and Complexity are en route to Europe to make a statement

Complexity delayed en route to ESL Pro League reunions

With NAVI and Heroic in top-five form, the road to playoffs will likely go through COL's former heavy lifters, blameF and k0nfig.

Complexity's bid for a return to the ESL Pro League playoffs is off to a slow start, as the team's flights were canceled yesterday, forcing them to depart within the past few hours, with their opening match against Heroic slated for Wednesday 10:00AM. According to Graham "messioso" Pitt, general manager for COL's CS:GO division, the organization was given no explanation by their airline, Lufthansa, for the cancellation and that they were simply rescheduled for the exact same flight, 24 hours later.

Complexity will be flying directly to Frankfurt, then hopping on a train to make the rest of the journey to Düsseldorf. Their estimated arrival time is roughly noon tomorrow, leaving the NA side with under 24 hours to settle in before their Group D matches begin. Heavyweights NAVI and Heroic pose a stiff challenge to their NA challengers, though the departure tweets from the players indicate that the team has a few weeks of preparation already under their belts. That being said, it remains to be seen how much jetlag will contribute to the list of obstacles this roster will need to overcome in their early matches to advance to the later stages of the event.

Should the presumed easier matches against AGO and Evil Geniuses go off without a hitch, COL could find their playoff hopes teetering on their final performance against Benjamin "blameF" Bremer, Kristian "k0nfig" Wienecke, and Astralis. The duo of players both spent the better part of the last two years playing under Jason Lake's banner and now stand directly in the path of their former organization. If blameF's performances against Heroic while with COL are any indication, there will be no mercy shown by the Danish juggernaut.

Complexity's schedule for ESL Pro League Season 15 Group D is:

  • Wednesday 10:00AM vs. Denmark Heroic

  • Thursday 06:30AM vs. AGO

  • Friday 01:30PM vs. NAVI

  • Saturday 10:00AM vs. United States Evil Geniuses

  • Sunday 01:30PM vs. Denmark Astralis

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Complexity please make it out of groups
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