Big Chillin sweating as Elk and droid leave while Melloh is benched

Elk has left to join ONET4P after initially planning to help Big Chillin rebuild.

After a dismal start to ESEA Premier Season 39, Big Chillin will need to make multiple changes due to Damian "droid" Boulware leaving to join Valors while Brendan "Melloh" Mello has been benched.

Additionally, their one-time ringer Blake "Elk" Swinson has joined ONET4P, ruling him out from any potential rebuild after he was expected to a permanent addition.

After being granted a lifeline into ESEA Premier Season 39 Big Chillin has struggled immensely, failing to win a single map while none of their players currently boast a positive rating. This poor start led to Melloh's benching, with William "Aphotic" DeVoe telling that he was benched due to the "team dynamic needing some change".

Melloh was Big Chillin's second lowest rated player thus far in ESEA Premier Season 39, ending his time with the team with a 0.74 rating which is definitely nothing to write home about but is far better than Devin "Xzen" Barber's 0.61 rating.

Big Chillin were initially set to use Elk as a long-term replacement for Melloh, with the former Big Chillin player debuting against Northern Forces this week. However, he has now made the decision to step away from Big Chillin's rebuild to join ONET4P as a replacement for Junjie "Gank88" Lin with Aphotic noting that his initial return "did not end up fixing/satisfying the [team's] issues". The team are currently unsure of their plans for the future and will need to find two replacements or bring Melloh back ahead of their match against Triumph on November 23rd.

The two teams are now:

United States Big Chillin United States ONET4P
  • United States Devin "Xzen" Barber
  • United States Eric "Ryze" Brown
  • United States Nicholas "hate" Young
  • United States Brendan "Melloh" Mello (Inactive)
  • United States William "Aphotic" DeVoe (Coach)
  • United States Kyle "Just2EZ" Tan
  •  Tianyi "Fr3nk1e" He
  • Canada Walker "walker" Harris
  • United States Johnny "JDubs" Wu
  • United States Blake "Elk" Swinson
  • United States Sean "ashen" Yang (Coach)

Elk will make his debut with ONET4P when they take on paiN on November 23rd.

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