Big Chillin announces new roster

Following the havoc of Relegation, the core of Big Chillin has stuck together in order to retain their Premier spot.

Big Chillin has announced a new roster that will be competing in the ongoing ESEA Premier Season 39, built around a trio from their lineup that participated in ESEA Premier Season 38.

The core which the roster is being built around is Devin "Xzen" Barber, Brendan "Melloh" Mello, and Damian "droid" Boulware. Those three players will be joined by Nicholas "hate" Young, who has played for several teams in recent times, most notably Triumph and Third Impact, and Eric "Ryze" Brown, who previously played for Secret Club. 

Big Chillin was relegated following an unfortunate 1-6 season record and was ultimately knocked down to Advanced by Northern Forces. Rather than participate in Advanced, the roster decided to go their separate ways, with Xzen going to Verum, and Melloh going to G4NG among other moves.

Due to changes in the number of teams playing in ESEA Premier Season 39, ESL needed to find another team to fill space in order to even out the groups. This meant that Mythic and Big Chillin, the two teams who placed 5-6th in ESEA Premier Season 38 Relegation, would be able to compete for the spot in a tiebreaker match. However, due to a severe lack of communication from ESL, both teams opted to disband rather than play in Advanced, unaware there still existed an opportunity to fight for a Premier spot.

Realizing that there was still a chance to retain the Premier spot, Big Chillin rebuilt their roster with a trio from the previous season. A tiebreaker match between the teams was scheduled but had to be postponed due to a schedule overlap with Fragadelphia 16: North Brunswick. 

Sources tell that Mythic was unable to field a roster for the postponed tiebreaker match since Johnny "JDubs" Wu has already played Premier matches with ONET4P, and as such ESL Pro Tour Rules will not allow for him to play on the Mythic roster. This has forced Mythic to forfeit their chances for the last Premier slot. 

With no tiebreaker match being held, Big Chillin will be the ones to lock in the final spot in ESEA Premier Season 39, putting an end to the chaos that followed ESEA Premier Season 38 Relegation. The team will be playing in the Western Conference, with the likes of Bad News Bears, Triumph, and paiN.

Big Chillin are now:

  • United States Devin "Xzen" Barber
  • United States Brendan "Melloh" Mello
  • United States Damian "Droid" Boulware
  • United States Eric "Ryze" Brown
  • United States Nicholas "hate" Young

Big Chillin will begin their Premier campaign on November 9th at 8:00 pm EST against Bad News Bears.

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November 6, 2021 08:49PM
Sad for Mythic but a silver lining maybe could be Flom can concentrate helping build N/A tournaments now.
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