Touch Point to rebuild around Beastman and PoseidoNN

Some players have opportunities lined up, while others' futures are up in the air.

Following back-to-back disappointing seasons of ESEA Advanced, Touch Point and several players on its roster have parted ways, leaving all but two looking for a new home ahead of the new season that begins less than a month from now. In their debut season, the lineup failed to make an impact, finishing the regular season of Season 39 with a 9-5 record, and then getting bounced out of the playoffs in the second round. With a month-and-a-half to prepare for Season 40, the team finished nearly in the exact same position as before, with a 10-4 regular season before being taken out once again in the second round of the playoffs.

The lackluster performances, as well as lack of growth, were diagnosed as direct catalysts to the mutual split by rifler Connor “TiCx” Hartman, who confirmed that with “stagnating results season after season, people wanted to go separate ways.” When asked about his future inside of Counter-Strike, TiCx clarified he was unsure if he would be pursuing a new home for the next season of Advanced.

As for Noah “flixxy” French and Liam “Liam” Redmond, the two have separately begun advertising their team search on Twitter. After spending the last two seasons as A-site anchor and lurker, Liam is searching for a new, more active role ahead of Season 41. flixxy is also looking for a change of pace, opening the door for “any rifle roles” as well as potentially in-game leading on his new team.

It has been confirmed that the duo of Brett “Beastman” Eastman and Nikolaos “PoseidoNN” Antoniou are aiming to be teammates once again for Season 41 as a part of a new-look lineup with Touch Point. When reached out for comment, PoseidoNN elaborated that he and Beastman had explained to the team prior to Season 40 that should they fail to make ESL Challenger League in this attempt, the two would look for a new team.

Furthermore, PoseidoNN explained that “the team parting ways was very nice and mutual, we all understood our reasonings, and we still are great friends.” Lastly, coach Mark “CooperTrooper” Cooper will be taking a break from the coaching role after his run with Touch Point.

The players who have departed from Touch Point lineup are:

  • United States Noah “flixxy” French

  • United States Liam “Liam” Redmond

  • United States Connor “TiCx” Hartman

  • United States Mark “CooperTrooper” Cooper (Coach)

For Season 41, Touch Point will begin rebuilding around:

  • United States Brett “Beastman” Eastman

  • United States Nikolaos “PoseidoNN” Antoniou

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