kaboose and floppy lit up the board for Vision to help take home the title

Vision edge out BlackOut to win Tokyo in Tulsa

The only 2-1 series of the tournament sees Vision take home first place over BlackOut.

Vision have taken home first place and $6,000 with their 2-1 victory over BlackOut at Tokyo in Tulsa, presented by MidWest CS:GO and N3rd Street Gamers. They are also offered 50% off the entry fee for NSG Championship Open in Washington, D.C., where another $10,000 is on offer. 

The Vision roster, formely known as F1-racecar-PEEK, were in talks to join BlackOut towards the end of June, but opted to join forces with Vision due to a higher proposed salary for the team. The Pioneers were picked up by BlackOut shortly after these talks fell through, and now both teams were set to face each other in the grand finals.

Three best-of-three wins on day 2 saw Vision cruise their way to the trophy, taking down Stormborns and Secret Geniuses with ease. Their final matchup saw them facing BlackOut in the grand finals, who had gone through MidWest CS:GO and AZIO on their own route to the finals.

Secret Geniuses Club
0 - 2
All maps
Secret Geniuses Club K - D +/- ADR KAST Rating 2.0
United States Dustin 'Little_F' Davis 40 - 36 +4 84.5 64.7% 1.11
Mexico Eduardo 'Link' Osuna 31 - 35 -4 63.6 56.9% 0.92
United States Jackson 'el_jack0' Wolf 28 - 39 -11 70.1 60.8% 0.85
United States Brock 'brawk' Somerhalder 27 - 42 -15 61.6 58.8% 0.64
United States Evan '7evaN' Marchewka 19 - 37 -18 47.7 60.8% 0.62
Vision K - D +/- ADR KAST Rating 2.0
United States Jake 'kaboose' McDonald 51 - 30 +21 98.3 80.4% 1.59
United States Ricky 'floppy' Kemery 43 - 30 +13 87.2 86.3% 1.38
United States Gabe 'Spongey' Greiner 40 - 26 +14 80.3 76.5% 1.20
Canada Danny 'huynh' Huynh 33 - 28 +5 66.4 66.7% 1.08
United States Alex 'lanhero' Suarez 21 - 32 -11 62.7 58.8% 0.86

2 - 0
All maps
BlackOut K - D +/- ADR KAST Rating 2.0
Canada Connor 'CONNOR93' Glover 48 - 32 +16 98.9 78.0% 1.41
United States Chad 'Oderus' Miller 43 - 30 +13 89.5 82.0% 1.41
United States Sebastian 'seb' Bucki 37 - 28 +9 88.7 82.0% 1.34
United States Michael 'MAiNLiNE' Jaber 41 - 30 +11 76.0 78.0% 1.27
United States Collin 'wrath' McSweegan 34 - 34 +0 72.0 68.0% 1.04
AZIO K - D +/- ADR KAST Rating 2.0
United States Trevor 'FrostayK' Bandle 35 - 41 -6 84.5 62.0% 0.94
United States Dave 'seziwana' Schrage 35 - 37 -2 69.5 52.0% 0.90
United States William 'shonk' Kittrell 31 - 43 -12 65.4 74.0% 0.85
United States Alex 'Mauisnake' Ellenberg 27 - 42 -15 76.9 54.0% 0.84
United States Frankie 'Champ' Miranda 26 - 40 -14 54.2 66.0% 0.70

Nuke, Overpass, and Mirage were the grounds for the final showdown, with Vision kicking off the CT side with a first round victory. BlackOut followed up with an immediate reset, putting them up to a five round streak where they won the ensuing round after losing the pistol from their last series against AZIO.

BlackOut took a 3-1 lead before Vision picked rifles back up on the CT side, and once they had guns back on the board Vision took control of the match to take the lead back 5-3 off the back of Jake "kaboose" McDonald. A 1vs5 clutch attempt by Connor "CONNOR93" Glover fell just short of the mark with Alex "lanhero" Suarez closing out the 1vs1 in the end.

BlackOut managed to scrape together a fourth round, but with no players surviving quickly found themselves fully reset as Vision swifty moved their way up to 10 rounds. The final round of the half once again saw CONNOR93 open up A for his team with two kills, leaving BlackOut a better opportunity to even the score with a 10-5 half.

The five round streak became six as BlackOut once again lost another pistol round before fighting back on the second round, allowing them control of the economy early on and almost tie up the score at 10-11. lanhero and kaboose fought back to bring Vision back into the game, with the latter player clutching out a 1vs2 to crush BlackOut's economy and ensure victory for his side.

BlackOut's pick of Overpass kicked off with another pistol round victory by Vision, and finally the second round reset streak was broken as lanhero and co. took the ensuing round and moved up to a 5-0 lead. BlackOut mustered a reply with one round of their own, but Vision bounded back in a 5vs3 with lanhero and Ricky "floppy" Kemery ripping apart BlackOut's economy. 

A trade of rounds followed, with Collin "wrath" McSweegan giving BlackOut a lifeline with two kills in a 2vs3. That hope was quickly shot down as Vision reclaimed control, allowing themselves up to a 9-2 lead. Once again wrath gave his team an opening by finding a four-man spraydown on B, and this time BlackOut were able to capitalize as they locked down the rest of the half for a 9-6 scoreline.

BlackOut won their first pistol round off the back of four kills from Sebastian "seb" Bucki, and managed to even the score at 9-9 with wins in the ensuing anti-ecos. Vision maintained their lead with a first gun round victory and managed to convert the next round to put themselves up to 11 rounds, but a 1vs3 ace clutch from wrath with a CZ and AWP put BlackOut back in control as they swung the lead back into their favor 12-11. 

floppy granted Vision another round by finding four frags on the defense, and Chad "Oderus" Miller's 1vs3 clutch was denied by lanhero in the ensuing round to move Vision into touching distance of the series win. The battle between wrath and floppy raged on as the two teams met at 14-14, and BlackOut were able to close out the map after wrath opened up B site with three kills in the 29th round. 

The third map seemed set for a similar back-and-forth affair as an initial 5-1 lead by BlackOut gave way to a comeback from Vision late in the half. lanhero and co. were able to find 6 of the remaining 9 rounds in the half to bring the deficit to a minimum going onto their T side.

A second half pistol victory and solid all-around play seemed to guarantee Vision victory as they moved up to a 14-9 scoreline, but a last minute comeback attempt from BlackOut kept the game competitive. Once again wrath kept his team in the running by finding multi-kill rounds, but floppy and Gabe "Spongey" Greiner combined to edge out the map and claim the title for themselves.

2 - 1
All maps
Vision K - D +/- ADR KAST Rating 2.0
United States Ricky 'floppy' Kemery 69 - 59 +10 90.1 72.4% 1.22
United States Alex 'lanhero' Suarez 64 - 57 +7 81.4 67.8% 1.18
United States Gabe 'Spongey' Greiner 63 - 61 +2 75.5 72.4% 1.10
United States Jake 'kaboose' McDonald 66 - 67 -1 75.7 65.5% 1.03
Canada Danny 'huynh' Huynh 47 - 60 -13 63.2 69.0% 0.90
BlackOut K - D +/- ADR KAST Rating 2.0
United States Collin 'wrath' McSweegan 84 - 62 +22 102.9 73.6% 1.36
United States Chad 'Oderus' Miller 57 - 62 -5 70.2 65.5% 1.02
Canada Connor 'CONNOR93' Glover 56 - 63 -7 77.3 71.3% 1.02
United States Sebastian 'seb' Bucki 60 - 62 -2 71.1 73.6% 0.97
United States Michael 'MAiNLiNE' Jaber 47 - 62 -15 64.8 67.8% 0.85

Vision have won N3rd Street Gamers & MidWest CS:GO's Toyko in Tulsa LAN, taking home first place and the lion's share of $10,000. The full prize pool breakdown for the event is as follows:

1st. United States Vision (kaboose, lanhero, floppy, huynh, Spongey) - $6,000 + 50% off NSG Championship Open entry fee
2nd. United States BlackOut (seb, CONNOR93, MAiNLiNE, Oderus, wrath) - $2,500
3rd-4th. United States AZIO (shonk, Mauisnake, NnyQuil, FrostayK, seziwana) - $750
3rd-4th. United States Secret Geniuses Club (Little_F, Link, el_jack0, brawk, 7evaN) - $750

Vision are currently in 7th place in Season 28 of ESEA MDL, putting them in playoffs contention as the final week of regulation play is set to start, where the eight teams will play for $37,000 in the online playoffs. Vision also aim to attend Fragadelphia 12, hosted by N3rd Street Gamers in Philadelphia running from August 3rd-5th.

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