Tokyo in Tulsa LAN prize pool boosted to $10,000

The Midwest LAN in Tulsa now boasts a 5-figure prize pool.

Tokyo in Tulsa, presented by Midwest CS:GO and Midwest eSports, has raised its prize purse from its original $6,000 all the way to $10,000 with 16 teams.

The prize pool boost for the event is due to a sponsorship from N3rd Street Gamers. As well as contributing to the event's prize pool, N3rd Street Gamers has also provided the winner of the Tokyo in Tulsa LAN with 50% off their entry fees into the NSG Championship Open in Washington D.C., which will take place from August 31st to September 2nd.

Registration for the tournament is still open on Midwest eSports' website. The event currently has 7 teams already signed up for the CS:GO tournament, including AZIO eSports, FakeOut Nation, and Rogers State University.

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June 20, 2018 07:59PM
tokyo in toronto pls
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June 20, 2018 08:31PM
fakeout to win
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June 21, 2018 02:04AM
eUnited? Swole?
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June 21, 2018 07:14PM
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