ZOTAC has announced the teams for the qualifiers in June

Rogue, eUnited headline ZOTAC Cup Masters Closed Qualifier invites

ZOTAC has announced the eight teams invited to the North American Closed Qualifier.

ZOTAC have revealed the eight invited teams to the North American Closed Qualifier for their ZOTAC Cup Masters. The event will run from June 9-10, and send the top two teams to the $20,000 regional LAN at the end of the month.

Garnering invites are (current) ESL Pro League sides Rogue, Ghost, compLexity, and Splyce. Next up are the EPL hopefuls in the forms of eUnited and Swole Patrol. Rounding out the list are the newly assembled Armada squad and the South Africans of Bravado.

In addition, MDL teams F1-racecar-PEEK and Gorilla Gang both qualified for the event last weekend through the first online qualifier, where F1-racecar-PEEK emerged at the top of the heap when all was said and done.

The current team list is as follows:

United States Armada Bravado  
United States compLexity United States eUnited  
Canada Ghost United States Rogue  
United States Splyce United States Swole Patrol  
United States F1-racecar-PEEK United States Gorilla Gang  
United States Qualifier 2 United States Qualifier 2  
United States Qualifier 3 United States Qualifier 3  
United States Qualifier 4 United States Qualifier 4  

The Closed Qualifier will play out with a GSL group stage, with the top two teams advancing from each group into a single-elimination BO3 playoffs. As mentioned, the two teams that make the final will advance to the regional LAN.

Three open qualifiers remain for North America, which you can as always find from our calendar page. But since we are nice, we will list them here as well:

Additionally, there is a South American qualifier, which will also grant two spots to the regionals in Santa Ana, California.

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