kaboose and F1-racecar-PEEK are through to the next stage

F1-racecar-PEEK top first ZOTAC Cup Masters qualifier

The first of four Open Qualifiers in the ZOTAC Cup Masters series has concluded, as F1-racecar-PEEK bested Gorilla Gang 2-1.

The first ZOTAC Cup Masters Open Qualifier has ended, with F1-racecar-PEEK dispatching of Gorilla Gang 2-1. This result has netted both teams a spot in the 16-team Closed Qualifier that will take place from June 9-10, which will lead to the offline Regional Finals. This event in turn will send one team to the main event in Hong Kong later this year, which boasts $300,000 on offer.

Some of the highlights throughout the qualifier included Bravado, recent ESEA Main Champions, falling to the likes of Most Wanted, who would eventually be eliminated in 5-8th place by finalists Gorilla Gang.

The runners up in Main, Fam143, were also seen in the qualifier, though they dropped off early in the bracket after being upset by the pug of Fearless. Dragon HunterZ, a team featuring numerous WPL alum, earned a respectable quarterfinal finish.

The top eight placings for this first ZOTAC Cup Masters Open Qualifier can be seen below:

1st. United States F1-racecar-PEEK (lanhero, huynh, tropiiical, Spongey, kaboose)
2nd. United States Gorilla Gang (Vanity, Hydrex, ben1337, oSee, aproto)
3-4th. United States Ninja Tier 3 Subs (knightmare, nero, ohkee, hitswhip, tacitus)
3-4th. United States frugbyg4mers (k1mch1, Rah, gatoo, ralph, FISHERMAN1998)
5-8th. United States Most Wanted (PwnAlone, paperboy, Rustun, zNf, robby)
5-8th. United States Dragon HunterZ (battery, Aluminium, cole, reck, mr_tony, Moopey)
5-8th. Fearless (TKC, Fade, Impaler, b0ssy, Saint, PomBom)
5-8th. United States Lol Yeah (tconnors, droid, BASE, Nurfed, Church)

The full bracket is available here.

The next North American Open Qualifier for the ZOTAC Cup Masters 2018 will take place May 5-6, registration for which can be found here.

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