CoJoMo and company guarantee a top-four finish at the event

IMC College Clash reaches semifinals

The collegiate event has been whittled down to four teams.

The main body of the Liquid x IMC College Clash tournament has concluded, leaving just four teams surviving as they battle it out for the coveted first-place prize.

The first round of the event largely played out as expected with numerous one-sided affairs. Michigan State University easily moved forward after a 16-4 battering of "80% of us can use chopsticks", and Highlander - headlined by the ESEA Main core of Hole Smokes - moved forward after a 16-5 victory against Liquid Courage.

On the other side of the bracket, Michigan Mittens - who are comprised of the Davenport University core - made quick work of MMFC with a 16-9 scoreline to advance into the second round. Meanwhile, the University of Colorado Boulder varsity roster dispatched of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln 16-12 on Mirage to move forward in the event.

Heading into round two, Mike "Steedle" Steedle's men of IniquityUniversity secured a flawless 16-0 trouncing over MeatSection, whilst Spencer "Pugg" Moore and company ended Colorado Boulder's run with a dominant 16-2 victory of their own. In closer fashion, Michigan State University had to fight a bit harder versus "PamStenzel.Pro", requiring a 16-11 scoreline on Vertigo to advance further in the tournament.

The third round of the event saw round two's victors keep up their winning ways. Michigan State University moved past AVacabros after a comfortable 16-7 win to secure their spot in the quarterfinals. Elsewhere, IniquityUniversity deconstructed their opponents OSUBGC 16-2 whilst Michigan Mittens continued their good form to beat Fear No One 16-7 on Dust2.

Elsewhere in round three, Highlander overcame RIT Tigers 16-11 to secure their spot in the top eight. ONET4P’s Kevin "consti" Yi led Purdue University Gold to a victory over "pissants" to secure a matchup versus Michigan Mittens in the quarterfinal.

The first quarterfinal of the event saw Highlander face off against Texas A&M University on Overpass. The former's Ayden "Dante" Laube and co. soon made quick work of their foes, sealing a top-four placement after a swift 16-6 scoreline. Similarly, Michigan Mittens also secured a quick victory versus their collegiate counterparts with a 16-4 thrashing over Purdue University Gold, sending them home in 5th-8th place.

IniquityUniversity built on their momentum to defeat Michigan State University in one-sided fashion, locking in a 16-8 win on Overpass to guarantee a semifinal berth. The closest matchup of the quarterfinal pitted UW-Irvine against DOOMSDAY 2.0 where the former would narrowly come out on top, beating Kyle "awake" Fanella's squad 16-13 to stay alive in the tournament.

The full bracket can be viewed here.

The tournament now sees the four remaining teams duke it out with the following semifinal matchups:

United States Highlander vs. United States IniquityUniversity
United States Michigan Mittens vs. United States UW-Irvine

The semifinals are due to begin at 3PM EST with the grandfinal and third-place matchup also set to start straight after at 4:15PM EST.

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