freakazoid is set to play his first <em>CS:GO</em> official in over a year later today

ESL Challenger sextet and BOOZOOMERS mix reach ESEA x Fragadelphia Winter Cash Cup 1 quarters

The 2022 Counter-Strike calendar is officially underway.

The first CS:GO event of the new year commenced yesterday, seeing 40 teams participating in the $14,000 ESEA x Fragadelphia Winter Cash Cup 1.

The GSL group stage of the event saw no real surprises, with the notable matches including the new-look ONET4P roster falling 16-12 on Ancient to Erik "fl0m" Flom's BOOZOOMERS mix featuring brothers Ryan "freakazoid" Abadir, Austin "Cooper" Abadir, Nicholas "hate" Young, and ATK's Gareth "MisteM" Ries.

In what is likely to be his last event with the team, Michael "Swisher" Schmid and co. defeated the recently demoted Big Chillin. RBG also took care of business against Devin "AtomiK" Ferrell's de_castingcouch.

The first two rounds of the playoffs have likewise played out largely as expected, with the exception of Advanced playoff side Touch Point suffering defeat at the hands of Wayne "castro" Einarsson's MongolZ. There were also some close matches, BOOZOOMERS narrowly edged out "for fun", and Valors and ChocoCheck both came away with 16-13 victories over Big Chillin and Fourth Quarter, respectively.

The full bracket is available here.

From here the event will shift to best-of-three matches, with the quarterfinal matchups looking as follows:

United States Bad News Bears vs. United States BOOZOOMERS
United States Strife vs. United States Valors
United States RBG vs. United States ONET4P
United States ChocoCheck vs. MongolZ

ESEA x Fragadelphia Winter Cash Cup 1 resumes later today at 1 PM EST, with the victors netting themselves $6,000 for their troubles.

In less merry news, Fragadelphia announced earlier this morning that next weekend's LAN in East Falls has been cancelled, due to a scant three teams signing up.

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