ATK add Minus

After a strong start to the season on Springroll, Minus has joined the South African squad.

ATK have added Springroll player Marshall "Minus" Sedowicz as their fifth. The young AWPer will be filling the spot left in the team when ATK parted ways with McKinley "Cyrix" Hollison two weeks ago.

During his time with Springroll, Minus has posted an impressive 1.18 rating over the course of eleven maps, helping Springroll claim upset wins against RBG and Strife in the process. His departure from Springroll will leave a large gap in the squad as the team's top performer. The timing of his departure is especially difficult as Springroll have to face Extra Salt, oNe, and Party Astronauts in the latter half of ESEA Premier Season 39's regular season.

ATK's coach, Daniel "sprayxd" Kogan, told that ATK decided on Minus after considering a number of European and North American options. sprayxd says the team decided to go with Minus due to his age, hunger, in-game potential, and his positive mentality while scrimming with the team.

With Minus, ATK's lineup is now:

  •  Gareth "MisteM" Ries
  •  Rhys "Fadey" Armstrong
  •  Wiljahne "mango" Smith
  • United States Ian "motm" Hardy
  • United States Marshall "Minus" Sedowicz
  • Daniel "sprayxd" Kogan (Coach)
  • United States Austin "Classy" Lang (Analyst)

ATK's next match will be against Strife on November 30th at 8PM EST.

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