Third Impact add Wolffe

Additionally, Classy has joined ATK as an analyst.

Third Impact have added Kyle "Wolffe" Greenfield as their fifth, replacing Nicholas "hate" Young after he left to join Big Chillin on November 5th. It also marks Wolffe's return to CS:GO after leaving Secret Club back in June to focus on VALORANT.

After a brief and mostly fruitless few months in VALORANT, Wolffe returned to CS:GO in September and has been looking for a team since then. Wolffe's addition to Third Impact will hopefully be the end of a period of roster instability that has plagued the team since the start of ESEA Advanced Season 39.

At the beginning of the season, the team almost immediately lost Nicholas "hate" Young to Big Chillin while Brennan "grape" Greer only managed to play a single match for Third Impact before being called up to join Triumph. With this revolving door of talent, Third Impact have recently called upon the talents of retired former Third Impact player GianFranco "Koalanoob" Potestio.

Despite being retired since ESEA Premier Season 35, Koalanoob has performed well in the team's most recent matches against Levitate, Informal, and  The Forest.

With the addition of Wolffe, Third Impact are now:

  • United States Keanu "Danejoris" Reyes
  • United States Noah "insane" Eheart
  • United States Josiah "JoJo" Jimenez
  • United States Austin "AJaxz" Janocha
  • United States Kyle "Wolffe" Greenfield

Third Impact's next match will be against Infinity on November 28th at 9PM EST. 

In other Third Impact related news, the team's longtime analyst Austin "Classy" Lang left the team to join ATK as an analyst on November 15th.

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