Premier Recap Week 1-3 - Triumph and Extra Salt lead at season midpoint

Elsewhere in the division, Springroll have had an impressive start to the season.

The first three weeks of ESEA Premier Season 39 have concluded, with Triumph and Extra Salt leading Groups A and B with 3-1 and 3-0 records, respectively. Outside of the top teams, the division has had a slow start, especially as there are only two weeks left in the season.

Extra Salt have started their season in a dominant position, crushing oNe and Detonate while also picking up a forfeit win against the now disbanded Verum lineup. As for Triumph, they made quick work of Limitless in week one, eked out two close wins against ChocoCheck and Eros, and lost a close match against Bad News Bears.

Outside of the dominant duo, the only team that has posted notable results thus far is Springroll. In their debut, they posted a shock 2-0 upset against RBG and also picked up a close 2-1 win against Strife. Unfortunately their results have waned with 2-1 losses to ATK and Detonate.

On a negative note, although the regular season has only reached its halfway point, Limitless and Verum have disbanded and are set to forfeit the rest of the season. Meanwhile, Big Chillin's future is uncertain as they have had two players exit the team in the past week.

Week four is set to be quite quiet as only three matches are set to be played:

Matchup Date Time
 United States Eros vs. United States Bad New bears Nov. 23rd 8PM EST
Brazil paiN vs. United States Big Chillin Nov. 24th 8PM EST
United States Bad News Bears vs. United States Northern Forces Nov. 24th 8PM EST

The standings at the end of week three look as follows:

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