mindtr6cks steps down from Strife

The Slovenian coach has stepped down due to timezone differences.

Ažbe "mindtr6cks" Frlan has stepped down from Strife. The Slovenian coach ends his tenure with Strife after joining the team back in August.

During his tenure with Strife mindtr6cks helped the team to a fourth place in ESEA Premier Season 38 in his first major coaching role after previously working with a few Advanced teams in an ad-hoc position.

Bobby "stamina" Eitrem told Dust2.us that mindtr6cks made the decision to step down due to being based in Europe and the time difference not being workable. Notably, Strife are looking to sign full-time contracts with the organization which likely explains his departure as there is a seven hour time difference between mindtr6cks and the rest of the team.

Strife are now:

  • United States Dylan "SATURN" Finch
  • United States Keller "SLIGHT" Nilan
  • Canada David "J0LZ" Jolin
  • United States Bobby "stamina" Eitrem
  • United States Brett "brett" Rhein
  • United States Thomas "klank" Mennemeyer (Trial Analyst)

Strife's next match will be against ATK on November 30th.

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