Headband Klay take Fragadelphia 16: Bakersfield over Orion's Day Care

Who will win the next Fragadelphia LAN in North Brunswick?

Fragadelphia 16: Winter Championships is underway with the first event taking place last weekend in Bakersfield. It is one of nine LAN events and six online tournaments leading up to Fragadelphia 16. 

The first semifinal began with a turnaround second half by Orion's Day Care after being down 5-10 on Mirage. Orion's Day Care secured eleven CT-side rounds to Puggers Not Poggers' one T-side round to win the map 16-11. A tight second map on Vertigo saw Puggers Not Poggers respond with a resurgent second half after losing the T-side 5-10, ultimately winning the map in overtime 19-16. The decider headed to Overpass where Orion's Day Care eventually came out on top, winning Overpass 16-12 after securing a strong 9-6 CT-side halftime lead. 

The second semifinal saw eventual tournament winners, Headband Klay, battle against makuraSOFT in a three-map series. Headband Klay locked down the bomb sites on Ancient, going into the second half with an 11-4 lead. However, a dominant CT half from makuraSOFT saw them claw their way back into the map, winning 16-14 thanks to a 1v3 clutch by "umi" in round thirty. Headband Klay responded with a dominant second map on Mirage capitalizing on a 12-3 T-side to win 16-4. After an evenly matched first half, Headband Klay came out on top, securing eight round wins on their CT side of Vertigo to set up a grand final versus Orion's Day Care. 

The grand final saw Headband Klay build on an early 10-5 half on Overpass with a convincing CT-side, however a surging CT-side from Orion's Day Care's sent the map into overtime, where Headband Klay regained the initiative and won the map 19-16. The second map saw another strong first half by Headband Klay, dominating the T-side with a 12-3 lead on Inferno. Thanks to a strong map from "Marv", Headband Klay held onto the lead to win Inferno 16-8.

The final results for Fragadelphia 16: Bakersfield are: 

1. United States Headband Klay (kaz, Marv, RUSSELL_WESTBROOK, djswang, ready) - $1,000 + 4,000 Fragadelphia points
2. United States Orion’s Day Care (cypress, cook, mochi-, c4rson, FE4R) - $500 + 2,000 Fragadelphia points
3-4. United States makuraSOFT (fizzy, umi, tweaky, xiph0s, calamity) - 1,000 Fragadelphia points
3-4. United States Puggers Not Poggers (Saiyan, Sloopy, RaZ3M, kettle, awake) - 1,000 Fragadelphia points
5. United States Ikonic (Loop, Lieth, CuZ, rObb1e, deacon) - 500 Fragadelphia points

Fragadelphia will hold eight more LANs, the next one being located in North Brunswick, NJ from October 30th-31th.

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