corn set to leave Eros

corn will transition back into being a player after Relegation.

Tommy "corn" Eckhart is set to leave Eros following the conclusion of ESEA Premier Season 38 Relegation, the coach revealed on September 28th.

corn's departure marks the end of his five-month coaching tenure with the Villainous/Eros lineup, having joined the team at the beginning of ESEA Advanced Season 37. In Advanced, the team claimed a fourth-place finish before qualifying to Premier through ESEA Premier Season 37 Relegation.

Unfortunately, Eros were unable to replicate that success in ESEA Premier Season 38, managing to win only two matches against Third Impact and Coldest Riders. As a result, the team fell into Relegation territory alongside Third Impact, Mythic, and Big Chillin.

Once corn leaves, Eros will consist of:

  • Canada Ahmed "ayy" Mahmoud
  • United States Umar "Umar" Qaiser
  • United States Israel "LEARSI" Vargas
  • United States Matthew "Cryptic" Whitmore
  • United States Jason "Jason" Garcia

Eros will start their campaign to stay in Premier when ESEA Premier Season 38 Relegation begins on October 15th.

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