Villainous transfer to Eros

Despite Villainous ceasing operations, their lineup has quickly found a new home.

Villainous' recently promoted lineup have transferred to Eros as a result of the former organization being set to cease operations, has confirmed.

The former Villainous lineup qualified to Premier after a run through Relegation that saw the team beat CENSRD, fall to Big Chillin, and then best Coldest Riding. 

Before signing ex-Villainous, Eros recently assembled an Advanced squad based around former SDKC duo Kevin "omniscient" Ma and Cory "shutout" Frymark and former Valkyrie duo Weijun "KenZ" Zhu and King-Lok "k1" Tang. has confirmed with the organization that they will continue to support this team, with the Advanced squad playing as Eros Black.

Eros and Eros Black are now:

United States Eros United States Eros Black
  • Canada Ahmed "ayy" Mahmoud
  • United States Umar "Umar" Qaiser
  • United States Israel "LEARSI" Vargas
  • United States Matthew "Cryptic" Whitmore
  • United States Jason "Jason" Garcia
  • United States Tommy "corn" Eckhart (Coach)
  • United States Kevin "omniscient" Ma
  • United States Cory "shutout" Frymark
  •  Weijun "KenZ" Zhu
  • King-Lok "k1" Tang
  • United States Alvin "Alvin" Bui

Both teams await the start of Season 38, with registration set to end in three days on July 26th.

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